Scrivener template to go along with the book: Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels by Gwen Hayes

You must extract the file from the zip folder and open in Scrivener (which you must have for this to work.) I am so not the techie to help you if any of this doesn’t work. Also, I have and use Windows. It may or may not work with your Mac.
Open Scrivener.
Fileβ€”>New Project
Click on Options
Select Import Templates
Browse to where you extracted file to and select
It should now be available as an option in the β€œFiction” section of the template chooser (I had to close and reopen)


  • mtr amg

    ooh nice. I was hoping you had done this. Off to import it into my scrivener file. And to see if i can work out why the new update has made my screen go out of focus… as you can tell, I’m no techie either. Thanks β™₯

  • BarbiQPork

    Thank you so much! I devoured “Romancing the Beat”, such a great help to a novice romance writer. I sat down this morning intending to go through it page-by-page to set up a Scrivener template. Then I did a quick search and discovered you’d done it for me. Bless you always!

  • veleka

    Hi, Gwen! Hi, everyone! Just so you know, my iMac could not open the Scrivener file, so thanks so much for the PDF. I’m delighted to start using it!

    • Layna Pimentel

      You’ll have to open Scrivener and from the project menu screen: at the bottom left hand screen click on “options”. From there, click on “import template”. From there you’ll be able to search the file in your downloads folder or where ever it defaults on your computer. Just tested it and the import worked. I should also add, you’ll need to go to the “fiction” templates section and then you’ll see the template there. πŸ™‚

  • Annie Banannie

    Hi there. I’m loving your book so much that I came to your site to see if you had a template. The fact that it’s in scrivener is even more of a bonus.

    Quick note, though. A lot of the links to this are broken because they don’t include “free-stuff/” in the link. I had to search your site to find this page. (Totally worth it!) Just thought you might want to know about the broken links.

    Now I’m off to finish your book and get my outline ready so I can write my book already. This t
    Is the book I’ve been searching for!

  • Lorrie

    Hello, I have a Mac book Air and when I try to download the file it goes to the AppStore and then I cannot open it. Any ideas?

  • Kathy Trueman

    Gwen: I just discovered you, thanks to recommendations from a writing group on Facebook. I read your book, Romancing the Beat, with a lot of excitement, and I decided to try to find you to suggest that you create a Scrivener template. And oh look, you did! Thanks for this!

  • sults

    Hi Gwen, thanks so much for all of this information and for the Scrivener template – fantastic! I can’t wait to get going with my ‘been sitting around for far too long’ book and start filling in the gaps that have been driving me crazy. I thought you’d like to know that I’ve created a Spotify playlist with the songs at the start of the chapters in your book. You sure do have eclectic music tastes! I will be listening in order as I work through the beats πŸ™‚

  • Erica Monroe

    THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how often I use this book, not just with my own writing, but with my editing clients too. I’m so excited to try out the Scrivener template! You really have created an easily understood system for plotting.

  • KJ

    I really enjoyed the book and had a few light bulb moments. Thank you for the info and the template. I can’t wait to implement it into my writing!

  • Kitty Larousse

    I just downloaded this template for a romantic suspense novel I’ve been working on, and I am SO impressed! Thank you for taking the time to create such a helpful tool!
    I will be sending new romance writers to you now. πŸ™‚
    Much appreciated!

  • Sabine

    Hi Gwen,

    I read though the book last night and downloaded all your goodies first thing this morning.
    Thanks so much for the scrivener download, I love it.

    Best regards


  • Barbara Graver

    Thank you so much. I’m reading “Romancing the Beat” and am going to try the template. I’ve written several manuscripts using the seat of my pants method. Thinking it’s time to try something new!

  • J Calamy

    I want you to know that I use this beat sheet every time now. Your book is dog eared but with this beat sheet its all laid out- frankly it should be called a cheat sheet. Thank you!!

  • Rachel Taylor

    I’m so glad I found you and the template you put together. It was easy to download, import and have it ready to go for my books! I am using Save the cat beat template for a fantasy romance I’m working on but I’m sure with romancing the beat template, it will help with a lot of my other books I have planned out. Thank you so much for sharing the template. β™‘

  • Julienne Schaeffer

    I love the book. It is so useful and easy to understand. Thank you for this template. Took me a couple tries to figure out how to get into Scrivener (yeah, non-techie here too!), but it worked, and I am excited to get started using it. Thanks again!

  • Moisy

    Thank you so much for this scrivener template!! I LOVE your guide book and have been using my notes from it for years before I saw this β€” game changer! Thank you!!

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