Romancing the Beat

Romancing the Beat

Presents…I have them.  If you’ve read Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels and you wish you had a Scrivener template, today is your lucky day!

Are you a Scrivener writer? I love Scrivener for my early planning stages. The template is color coded and ready for you to download to your computer. Click on the link: Scrivener template. (I have no technical expertise. The template was created in an older version of Windows Scrivener–but it works! You might have to ask someone techy if you have trouble importing it.)

Maybe you prefer an old school printable? I am a notebook collector too! The PDF printable is ten pages–including a cheat sheet and a place to write that you can print for every book. I tried to coordinate it with the Scrivener template for maximum effect. It’s available to my Romancing the Beatniks community. To sign up for  news, videos, community, podcasts, courses, and training shenanigans, you too will have access to the PDF cheat sheet.

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About Romancing the Beat

What makes a romance novel a romance? How do you write a kissing book?

Writing a well-structured romance isn’t the same as writing any other genre—something the popular novel and screenwriting guides don’t address. The romance arc is made up of its own story beats, and the external plot and theme need to be braided to the romance arc—not the other way around.

Told in conversational (and often irreverent) prose, Romancing the Beat can be read like you are sitting down to coffee with romance editor and author Gwen Hayes while she explains story structure. The way she does with her clients. Some of whom are regular inhabitants of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Romancing the Beat is a recipe, not a rigid system. The beats don’t care if you plot or outline before you write, or if you pants your way through the drafts and do a “beat check” when you’re revising. Pantsers and plotters are both welcome. So sit down, grab a cuppa, and let’s talk about kissing books.

“This book is 100 pages of awesome. A must for any romance writer’s collection!”

–Tessa Dare, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Even after ten years of writing, I occasionally find myself struggling to build a complete romantic relationship that is going to be satisfying to my readers. Romancing the Beat helped me sketch out the path to happiness for my characters while I was in the process of writing a book and as I was completing edits for another work. While other writing books focus on external conflict, Romancing the Beat really brings the whole romantic picture together for romance authors. I’ll never write another romance novel without my highlighted copy of Romancing the Beat on my desk.”

Celia Kyle, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

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