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Welcome to This Kiss Thursday where we celebrate that very first kiss from our favorite romance books. This week, Victoria Dahl give us a sweet taste from her erotic historical, Angel. And for a limited time, you can pick up Angel free at participating ebook retailers. So step away from your pc and have a read as this books hotter than a steamy TubeV Sex movie.

Are you ready?


Melisande stripped off last night’s sheets and remade the bed, aware of Bill quietly watching. She unlaced her boots and placed them carefully under the chair in the corner, then unbuttoned her dress.

When she went to hang it, she caught sight of herself in the mirror on her door and stopped to look at the necklace nestled against her throat. The shell was so delicate. Pink and lustrous against her skin. She touched it and tipped her head up to let the pendant catch more light. She slipped her chemise down her shoulders so all she could see was her skin and the ribbon around her neck and the pendant. Did Bill like the way it looked?

Turning back to him, she removed the rest of her clothing and stood naked before him. He took her in with a hot, hungry look, but he didn’t grab for her. His hands stayed loose at his sides.

She approached him slowly, easing his coat from his broad shoulders with flattened hands so she could feel the man beneath the cloth. His coat dropped to the floor and she reached for the buttons of his shirt. Before she could open half of them, he stilled her hands with his, then tipped her chin up.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered just before his mouth met hers. Plenty of men had kissed her in the course of her work, but no one had ever kissed her like this. Gently, carefully, his lips brushing over hers with no teeth or tongue or spit. He kissed her like she was precious instead of cheap. Priceless instead of easily bought.

She was already naked. He could just open his trousers and push himself into her. He didn’t have to kiss her. But he did.

And when his tongue finally touched hers, she whimpered, actually whimpered as if it weren’t the thousandth tongue she’d ever tasted. He was sweet and spicy from the treat they’d shared, and Melisande found herself pushing up on her toes for more of his mouth.

His big hands moved to her back and then her ass and when his mouth left hers, she gasped for air. The gasp melted into a sigh when he leaned down to kiss her neck, his teeth nipping a little at the skin beneath her ear. Arching her neck for more, she let him lay her back on the bed.


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