This Kiss Thursday: Jamie Wesley #tkt

tkt headerThis Kiss Thursday highlights first kisses in awesome romance and young adult books. Every week, we feature a different author and a different kiss. There’s just something about that first time two people slip in a kiss and tumble into love.

This week, we feature Jamie Wesley and her newest release, Slamdunked by Love.



“Quite a night, huh?” she asked, collapsing on the bench next to the stand. She crossed her legs, the split in her dress giving him a too-tempting glimpse of her thigh.
He loosened his tie, his need for air sudden and desperate. Throughout the night, he’d managed to not think about how much she affected him by concentrating on blackjack and meeting fans. But now they were alone. “You can say that again. Scoot over.”

She looked up at him with a sly smile. “Why? I like having the bench all to myself.”

“I’ve gotten a crook in my neck looking down at you all night. This is too much of a difference for me to take.” He sat next to her, careful not to look at the bared flesh. Careful not to touch.

Indignation settled on her face. “I’m not that short.”

He loved riling her. She made it so easy. Somehow he managed to hold back a grin. “Yeah, compared to a five-year-old.”

She snorted. “You must give lessons on how to flatter a woman.”

“I do. I give other lessons, too.”

“Oh, yeah, like what?” Her lush mouth called to him yet again.

Before he could think about stopping himself, he leaned in and said, “How to treat a woman right. How to make a woman feel better than she ever has before.”

She met his gaze squarely, but her voice came out shaky. “Don’t try that on me. I’m immune.”

“You are?”

“Yep. Sure am.” A jerky nod accompanied the statement.

He reached up and brushed aside a strand of hair blowing against her cheek, his fingers lingering against the soft, fragrant skin. His eyes searched hers.

Her eyes darkened, but to her credit, she didn’t back away. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to figure you out.”

“I’m just me,” she whispered.

“That’s what I find so intriguing.”

Her lips parted, like she was having trouble drawing in breath. The Texas November night air was still sultry, yes, but that wasn’t why she was having trouble. He wanted, needed to kiss her. Taste those lips that had been taunting him all night. He lowered his head. And touched nothing but air.

“What’s taking the valet so long?” Caitlin asked, looking in the direction of the garage.

Brady blinked, struggling to come out of the trance she’d put him in. “Wh—?”

Caitlin’s mouth landed on top of his, cutting off his question. Desire, which he’d managed to keep in check up until now, stormed through his defenses like he did on a breakaway to the basket. She tasted sweet, like champagne and the strawberries she’d nibbled on throughout the night.

All the reasons why he shouldn’t, couldn’t start something with her no longer mattered. He couldn’t remember them anyway. Now that he’d had one taste of her, he wanted more. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hauled her closer until she was draped across his chest, her scent, that of peaches, clouding his senses. His tongue teased her bottom lip until she opened up with a moan that fed his desire. He slipped inside, dying to get more of the taste that was driving him out of his mind. Delicious. Sweet. So damned good.

She was right there with him, her talented lips and tongue enticing him to deepen the kiss, pressing her lithe body against him, sending blood rushing to his lap. What was she doing to him? He teetered on the edge of a cliff. Only the sound of an approaching car stopped him from falling over.

Slowly, reluctantly, they drew away from each other. Arousal swirled in the depths of her brown eyes. Arousal that matched his own.

His pulse beating hard in his ears, he gulped for air. Desperate to regain some control, he cleared his throat and asked, “What was that about?”


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Revenge is supposed to be sweet…

Caitlin Monroe is ready to confront her past. Years ago, her father ditched her mother for the NBA, leaving her pregnant and alone. Now he’s a big-shot coach, and Caitlin’s ready to take the so-called “ family man” down. But on her way to the team gala, her car dies, and it’s her father’s sexy new star player who comes to her rescue.

Brady Hudson wants nothing more than to put his past behind him and concentrate on winning the championship for his new team. But when he finds himself the recipient of unwanted attention—attention that could destroy his career—he introduces the beautiful woman he saved on the side of the road as his “girlfriend.”

Brady needs to focus on his job. And Caitlin isn’t about to date an athlete whose career is riding on her father—though he is a convenient way to get the dirt she needs. But sometimes love has other ideas, and it’s not long before their pretend relationship becomes a liability neither can resist…

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