This Kiss Thursday: Olivia Gaines #TKT

tkt headerHappy Thursday! Are you ready to be kissed? Every week, we celebrate first kisses in romance and YA. This week, author Olivia Gaines brings us a first kiss that even happens on a Thursday!



The tension between the two of them was palpable. The pheromones he had deposited in that small space ignited something in her. Savannah wanted him with a fierceness she had never experienced. Leaning against the door jamb, taking in all of the awesomeness of Jesse Orison, a fleeting thought crossed her mind.… What if?


“I brought a first aid kit back as well,” she told him as she sat it on the counter. Jesse checked the contents and found some gauze and antibacterial ointment. Without warning, his massive paw encircled her forearm and pulled her into the bathroom and attempted to turn her to face the mirror. His nose hadn’t completely stopped bleeding, so Savannah turned back around and removed an applicator-less tampon from the first aid kit and shoved it up his nostril. His grip was firm as he turned her again to face the mirror, his man parts just inches away from her hips, radiating heat and beckoning her girl parts to join him for a party. Jesse’s careful hands slid her blouse off her shoulders, easing it away from the skin and fabric that had begun to stick to the scrapes and bits of torn flesh.


“It’s not too deep,” he said in a deep voice as he washed the affected area with a cotton ball, applied the salve, and then the bandage. Two pats to her collarbones and he took a step back. “There you go, all better.” She intentionally turned around slowly, allowing curious fingers to graze his midsection. As Jesse reached for the shirt she had brought him, she reached for his hands, interlacing her fingers within his own. Her ring scraped his fingers and he stepped back even further.


“I don’t dig in another man’s garden. I’m sorry.” He started to pull on the tee, raising it over his head, and Savannah became the aggressor.


Before he could get the shirt on, she grabbed the fabric, trapping his hands and blinding him. “What if the gardener hasn’t weeded in a while?” Savannah hopped onto the bathroom counter, pulling Jesse closer so he could feel the heat that was rising from her body. Her mouth touched the skin on his chest. Jesse jumped back as if he had been burned. Her fingers trailed across the broad expanse of his pectorals as she held him captive with her other hand. Pulling the fabric forward, he moved with it so their mouths were only inches apart.


“Jesse, I believe in staying in my own backyard, but there are times when you need to sink your toes in a new piece of real estate.” Her tongue ran across his bottom lip, causing his breath to catch.


Although he couldn’t see her through the cotton fabric, her scent permeated his nostrils, sending signals to his male parts to wake up. It was go time. “Is that your plan, to borrow me for a few hours?”


“If that is okay with you. I promise not to hurt you.” She licked his top lip.


“What if I don’t make that promise?” He leaned forward and kissed her lightly.


“I don’t need your assurances, Jesse Orison, I need your body.” She released the shirt by yanking it over his eyes.


“I can’t,” he told her, grabbing for his shirt. “I am not prepared and you are not in your right mind.”


It took her a minute to understand what he was saying as he backed away. Within seconds, he slipped the tee over his head, put his tool belt back on and handed her a business card, a simple one with his name and phone number on yellow card stock.. Nothing else.


Savannah looked at the card like it was a complex math problem. “What am I supposed to do with this?”


Jesse took her face into his hands and kissed her lightly on the lips. “You have had an intense evening, with the attack and all. If you are serious and you want to be with me, here’s my number. Call me in a week.”


“And if I choose not to?” she asked as she stuck his card in the first aid kit.


“Then …” he smiled as he tightened his tool belt. “… my lovely lady, it was a pleasure to meet you.”


Savannah was still sitting on the countertop in her bra looking confused. This man was actually going to walk away from her and leave her like this, all worked up with no man to ride. Quickly bounding to her feet, she stood in the bathroom door, staring at him in disbelief.


“You have the number,” he told her as he looked back at her one last time before he walked out the door.


It was a sorry Thursday and an even worse Valentine’s Day.


Want more?

Jesse Orison knew he was on borrowed time, but he had a plan. Savannah was set to marry another guy in a year. Experience had taught him that a man could make a lot of things happen in 12 months.

His first priority starting next week, was to make her fall in love with him.

He would begin his methodical plan by paying her a visit on Thursday.

Savannah Niden had everything a girl could want, a nice condo, a great job and a fiancé. The only problem was the maintenance man, Jesse.

Jesse started coming over on Thursdays and he liked to stay all night.

Savannah’s primary problem, she was learning to love Thursdays and Jesse a whole lot.


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