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tkt headerWelcome to This Kiss Thursday where we highlight the first kisses in romance that make us lovestruck. This week, Kaia Danielle brings us our lip smacker.




She stopped short of entering the bedroom and closed the door again. She was so lost in her thoughts that she had forgotten to grab the hair lotion and oil she needed to re-twist her damp locks. The sash on her robe loosened and fell as she grabbed the bag that held her hair care products. Just at that moment the door leading to the suite’s living room opened.


Confused, Kamaria looked up into Jack’s shocked face. Her toiletry bag slipped out of her fingers, further widening the gap between the already gaping robe lapels. Jack’s gaze immediately zeroed in on her nudity. His eyes momentarily shone with desire. Silently, she urged him to make a move. There was no way she would resist the hungry way he looked at her. But then, the corners of his eyes crinkled with regret.


“I heard the door shut. I thought you were in your room. My bad.” Jack swallowed. She watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down. But he didn’t look away. “You look great when you’re naked.”


Her breath caught at Jack’s last blurted out statement.


“I’m an asshole for saying that.”


She shook her head. “No. But, you do have a great ass.”


“Isn’t that what Chastity said?” Jack threw up air quotes. Now that his suit jacket was off, she could see how his biceps bulged under his dress shirt. Her new resolve to not use Jack as a sexual crutch was crumbling. Oh, who was she kidding, it was totally crushed.


“I never said I disagreed with her assessment of your backside.”


Jack smiled. “I like that you like my ass.”


And Kamaria liked it when he smiled at her like that. It made her swoony. Now wasn’t the time to develop a swoony habit. “Jack.”




“Get out.”




“I’m naked.”


“You’re wearing a robe.”


Kamaria pulled the open edges of the robe together. “A robe that was wide open.”


“I wasn’t complaining.”


Her attempt to frown failed. She allowed herself to return his smile. Why must he be so irresistible? “I think it’s time to lay down some rules.”


 They came to her instantly.


Jack crossed his arms across his chest and leaned on the doorframe. “Lay it on me.”


“One, we’re together for the weekend only. When I check out, that’s it.” Know when to hold ’em…


“Fair enough.” That surprised her. She had hoped he would object.


“Two, sex only. If either one of us starts catching feelings, it’s over.” Know when to fold ’em…


She prayed her face didn’t betray her.


His frown said everything. He didn’t like that caveat. “Is that all?”


Three, stop being such an amazing guy.


“Yes.” Know when to walk away… She lifted her chin. “Do you agree to these terms?”


“Not really. But I’d like to add one more condition.”


Wait, what? She felt more vulnerable than when her robe was wide open.


“A wild card, if you will. I’ll play your game for now. But, when you finally admit that you like me, you know, like that, I get two more days. Outside of Vegas. Location, my choice.”


“I don’t like you like that, Jack.”


“That’s what you say now. I don’t think either one of us believes it though.”


Know when to run…


Shit. He’d just called her bluff. “Maybe this was a bad idea. We should stick with the original plan. You sleep on the floor and…”


“Push me away all you want. I’m not going anywhere.”


He started to back out of the bathroom. His line of vision shifted from her body to her eyes. “Next time, make sure this door is locked if you don’t want me to come in.”


Kamaria took a deep breath. Her resolve to not be tempted by this man was completely gone now. She crossed her arms just beneath her breasts, propping them up. “What makes you think I didn’t want you? To come in, that is.”


“From what I know of you so far, you’re a no bullshit woman. If you want something, you say it.” He shortened the distance between them in a few steps.


“Do you want me, Kamaria?” Jack grabbed her wrist. His fingers began stroking the sensitive flesh just beneath the padding of her thumb. He closed his eyes. “Should I assume that silence implies agreement?”


For a woman who made her living with words, she was shocked to find herself rendered speechless.


When she didn’t reply, he said, “Do you really want this to end before it’s begun?”


“No, I—”


His mouth swooped down to claim hers. His tongue invaded her mouth and she quickly forgot her smart-ass retort as his hands flicked the terrycloth away, then encircled her waist. He yanked her hips flush against his thigh, then walked her back against the steam-slicked tile wall. Sweat beaded on her brow. He had the unobstructed access to go further, but held back. He was waiting for her. She lifted her hands from his shoulders, her fingers frozen with indecision. She should swat his hands away. But she wanted… So much for her plan of a cool and collected approach.


Her fingertips stroked the neatly trimmed whiskers of his beard. Oh, that beard. She shuddered as she remembered the scruffy feel of those whiskers against her sensitive inner thighs as he had nuzzled her intimately.


She had to be stronger than this…


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 He wasn’t the score she was looking for…

Romance author Kamaria Wilson came to Las Vegas with nothing to lose. A one-night stand with a delicious man is just the distraction she needs…until one night with him doesn’t feel like enough. Panicked, she skips out on the morning-after encore and hides out at the poker tables.

After his hot one-night stand goes MIA, security specialist Jack Aldirisi is sure he’ll never see her again. But when he’s called in to the casino for an unexpected “special assignment,” Lady Luck smiles down on Jack. For the rest of the weekend, he’ll be by his missing woman’s side.

She insists their powerful connection is nothing more than sex. He begs to differ. And this time, he’s calling her bluff.

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