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tkt headerWelcome to This Kiss Thursday where we showcase first kisses in our favorite romance and young adult novels. This week we go all the way back to 1986 with Need You Tonight by Gwen Hayes in the ’80s Mix Tape Anthology. (Don’t worry, I didn’t WRITE it in 1986. It just takes place in 1986) Righteous, dude.

Are you ready?



He probably had more to say, but she didn’t intend to hear it. With more enthusiasm than skill, she reached for his ears and pulled him down to her kiss. It was certainly not like the first one on the tire swing, but neither was it magical like the ones in every dream her young heart had forged.

That is, until he groaned and returned the kiss.

The coat had slipped off her shoulders, but Becky was the farthest thing from cold. Jacob’s strong arms banded around her, and his body was hot like a furnace. He held her head still for a moment while his lips did a magical plundering thing that made her toes curl up with a new sweet pleasure she’d never encountered before.

It didn’t take long until she understood the rhythm of his kiss and gave back what she got. His hands moved down then, cupping her bottom and roaming her back. She twined her arms around him, desperate to get closer, to feel him everywhere.

He pulled away, putting distance between them with one strong arm. “No,” he said between ragged breaths.

Becky sat back on her haunches, her triumph not dimming even a little bit.

“I mean it, Becks. It’s never going to happen for us. We don’t make sense. Not even in a crazy world. You should be—”

“I love you.”

He blinked. “No.”


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book cover for 80s Mix TapeSeven New Adult stories of love in the ’80s, inspired by songs of the decade…

Save a Prayer by Karen Booth
Angie Dawson never wanted to see Graham Whiting or his cheating face again, but her dream job at Music Maker magazine has her photographing his band. Angie had prepared to be a grown-up about working closely with him, but there’s one scenario she hadn’t anticipated. Graham wants her back. She wants him to be the guy he says he can be, but the band has massive tours planned and the groupies will always be there. How does a reunion with her ex end up being anything more than a one-night stand?

Need You Tonight by Gwen Hayes
Jacob Stone is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit, but when he’s stranded by chance with the only woman he’s ever loved, he can’t deny the need to possess her one last time. Mind, body, and soul. Typical good girl Becky McDonald has loved bad boy Jacob since they were kids, but even as she gives in to the passion only he can ignite in her, she hides the truth. One night of passion. One night of need. That’s all they can have, but it will never be enough.

Kickstart My Heart by Autumn Jones Lake
Russell “Chaser” Adams knows he’s destined to take over his father’s outlaw motorcycle club one day, but for now his father encourages him to pursue his music. Raised in a strict family with old-world traditions and their own secrets, Mallory Delov longs for glitter and glamor instead of blood and deceit. Chaser is unlike any man she’s ever known, she can’t help being drawn to him. On the surface they seem like complete opposites. Little do either of them know how much they have in common.

The Fixer by Jenny Holiday
Jenny Fields is a crusader. The editor of her college newspaper, she never met a cause she couldn’t get behind. So when the administration announces it’s tearing down the historic art building, she’s on the case. All she needs to do is get Matthew Townsend, the art department’s most talented student, on board. If she could just get the moody genius to answer his phone…

Drummer Girl by AJ Pine
Sam Walsh is done—done with college, done with guys, done with the whole scene. But her roommate coaxes her out for an epic last night to see an up-and-coming band. Ben McCarthy is the sexy drummer, the would-have-been valedictorian who dropped out three years ago to follow his dream. Tomorrow he and the band leave for London, but for one unforgettable night, it’s just Sam, the music, and him. Can a girl with her feet planted firmly on the ground fall for the boy who reaches for the stars when the only result is a broken heart?

Young Teacher by Bobbi Ruggiero
Control freak Julia Powers hates surprises. With the skills of a ninja, she keeps her ad business and personal life in perfect order. Matthew Gordon wants nothing more than for his band Joyride to go national. While he waits for his big break, he spends his days working in a sandwich shop—a job he loathes—and teaching guitar on the side—a job he loves. His days get a bit more interesting when a mysterious woman comes in for lunch. Imagine his surprise when she shows up at his door for guitar lessons. Unfortunately, Julia can’t play guitar to save her life, and her frustration threatens to ruin any chance of her finding happiness. Will he ever be able to teach her that she’s perfect just as she is?

Just Like Heaven by Rachel Cowell
As a premed student, college junior Sarah Lattimore’s life is a carefully-calibrated system of studying, studying, MCAT prep courses, and more studying. But when she walks into the first day of anatomy lab and sees her gorgeous TA, Sarah’s brilliant mind is suddenly racing in new directions. Grad student Josh has future aspirations toward cancer research. But the unbelievably cute, nerdy Sarah is in his section, and she’s…distracting. When admiring from afar turns to up close and personal, both their academic lives begin to fall apart. Will Sarah realize in time that being with Josh was the smartest choice she’d ever made?

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