Erin Condren Planner and my office space

(I love looking at pictures of where authors work, so I included one of my space below! If you are a writer/artist, put your pics in comments, I’d love to see where you create!)

I’m so excited that my Erin Condren planner arrived this week.

Picture of Erin Condren Planner

This is the new Erin Condren Planner.

I’ve been watching Youtube videos and Pinterest boards and coveting them so much, but put off getting one because:

  • I hardly ever leave the house. Last year, I traveled a lot. This year, I have very few plans. I work from home. I started cutting my own hair this summer (thanks Youtube!) I only go to the doctor when forced (and I’m doing great now, you guys.) My husband is the house manager, so he does the shopping, meal planning, etc. My kids live on campus and keep track of their own schedules now. I really have no pressing need to keep track of the days the way some do. (It would have come in super handy when I had two kids in sports and extracurricular activities though.)
  • I am a little intimidated by glorious Washi and sticker creations all over the net.
  • Did I mention I am always home?

    picture of shelf in Gwen Hayes office with Erin Condren planner

    The shelf where Erin Condren Planner lives

But I purchased one for my daughter, who loved hers, and posted an affiliate link on the blog for my readers (all seven of you) so someone else could get the $10 off coupon. And when they did–Erin Condren sent ME a $10 off coupon. (Affiliate link still works–you click on it and sign up for the Erin Condren site newsletter and they email you a coupon. And if you buy something, they email me a coupon. And THEN, you get a link you can share with others.)

So I bit the bullet and figured out a way to use it as a journal instead of a planner.

So instead of using the Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Meal boxes for time, I’m going with:

picture of decorated Erin Condren planner

Rough draft of Erin Condren Planner

My Day: Instead of planning ahead for doctor and hair appointments, I’ll journal a little bit about what I did that day. It’s a small box, so no pressure. I’m thinking stuff like “Met wordcount goal” and “Went out to lunch today: wore pants!”

Spirit: Everyday my life is awesome, so this box is for me to remember that. Gratitude journal some days. Bragging box on others–like this week, a book I edited, The Deal by Elle Kennedy, hit #65 on the USA Today Bestseller list. How amazing is that? Somedays, I might put in a quote that resonated. No rules.

Mind: Writers need to fill the well. This is where I’ll keep track of music that resonated( 1989 by Taylor Swift if you are interested), what we watched at night (Season Six of Friends currently, books I read for pleasure or self-improvement (17th re-read of Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie). Maybe a new word I learned that day. Again, no rules. I think it will be fun to look back on.

Body: Fitbit steps, water check-off, Fruit and veggies. Probably not my weight. Because that is no fun and this journal is about nurturing myself not pushing.

I also ordered some cute weather stickers so I can track the sunshine and see if weather makes a difference in my mood. 🙂

picture of Gwen Hayes' Workspace

Gwen Hayes’ Workspace

And here is my office and workspace. I had a couple weeks without clients, so I spent some much needed time making it prettified. Now I have no excuses.

Note the treadmill to the left. Because what have I told you about sitting for too long?