Need You Tonight by Gwen Hayes: Released!

Hello Readers!

If you didn’t get the 80’s anthology I was in last month, the good news is that my story is now available all on it’s own. It’s the second book to take place in Silver Pines–but the rad part is that it takes place in 1986. Isn’t that special?

Need You Tonight bookcoverNeed You Tonight

The year is 1986. Think great big hair and a great big love…

Jacob Stone is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit, but when he’s stranded by chance with the only woman he’s ever loved, he can’t deny the need to possess her one last time. Mind, body, and soul.

Typical good girl Becky McDonald has loved bad boy Jacob since they were kids, but even as she gives in to the passion only he can ignite in her, she hides the truth. Truth that might bring him home, but bring him down.

One night of passion. One night of need. That’s all they can have, but it will never be enough.

Need You Tonight is the second book in the Silver Pines Series and takes place in 1986 before Ironwing makes it big. It was previously published in the ’80s Mix Tape Anthology.

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