Submission Call: Camp Firefly Falls 2017

CAMP-FF-LOGO-COLOUR-GIFAre you a contemporary romance author? Are you interested in writing a category length novel that takes place at the shared world of Camp Firefly Falls during the summer of 2017?


Camp Firefly Falls, is a fictional sleepaway camp for grownups, set in the Berkshires.
Are you thinking of Dirty Dancing? Yeah. So were we. And Indian Summer. All those fantasies we had about making out on a dock, sneaking into the woods late at night, and making fast friends and slow, sweet crushes?

This year’s camp:

Nitty Gritty: Each author self publishes own book and is responsible for editing (which we stress as important). There is no payment or advance to the authors, they are paid via the vendors they upload to according to sales. There may be incidental costs to chip in on but will be agreed to by all authors: cover art, web hosting, promo.

All authors co-work on a camp bible so we can keep things straight. You are free to use campers or staff in your book. Covers are branded as a group, author responsible for cost of their own. Each camp session can have a different theme limited only by your imagination.

Diverse characters more than welcome!

How to submit:

Please email Gwen @ with a proposed blurb of 125-200 words that includes your main trope(s), characters, premise, and camp session theme. It can and probably will change when you are done writing your book–we just want to know you have an idea.

If you are unpublished, we are still interested but please also attach a sample 50 pages of a manuscript you have finished so we have an idea of your writing voice. We also ask that you have a social media platform.

End date for submissions: July 31, 2016


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