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This Kiss Thursday is out of this world…literally. Check out Niko from Serena Simpson.

Are you ready?



His lips were real and solid. Her body reacted immediately. The world around her dissolved and the reality of the game room intruded on her senses. Still, her lips were pressed against his, as his tongue snaked out of his mouth, searching for entrance into hers.

Her mind shouted stop, even as her mouth opened. Oh, he tasted so good, wild and untamed. Her breathing labored as he pressed into that kiss, wanting more.

His hand had unhooked her from the VR while he had moved her closer. She was practically on his lap. He wanted her, no mistaking that.

She pulled away, looking for sanity, or at least the willpower to say no.

“Do you need to run, Kitten?”

Hell yeah, she needed to run. She was going to do that in just a moment, but first she needed one more taste. She needed something to remember him by.

She leaned over and tugged on his lower lip with her teeth. He gave a low growl that made her panties wet and her pussy throb.

When his tongue pushed between her lips, she met it with her own, dueling with him for pleasure. The taste of him overwhelmed, making her heady with desire.

I am so gonna run. She went to her knees and found herself throwing one leg over his and settling on his lap. She rubbed herself over his erection.

She had sex to forget, she reminded herself. Sex wasn’t for pleasure. It was for power, for the drowning of one’s sorrows. It was even to show yourself that your body was yours, no matter what happened to it. But it was never, ever for pleasure.

She sucked long and hard on his tongue. She didn’t want to forget right now. She wanted to celebrate their small victory of staying alive in the game. She wanted to celebrate that she had beat the odds and was still here.

In the end, more than any of the lies she was telling herself, she wanted Niko Dare. She had wanted him from the moment she first saw him. She didn’t want to be strong or calculating. She just wanted to feel.

She pulled back and looked into his eyes, those amazing eyes she had seen in the game. They stared back at her now in all of their alien beauty.

“Kitten.” He raised his hand and stroked her cheek, rubbing his thumb along her jaw line. “I am not a man. I won’t sleep with you and be ready to let you go in the morning. I am going to want to keep you, but not control you.”

He would be the worst thing for her. She knew that. He would change her world, whether he wanted to or not.


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