Second Son of a Duke

Second Son of a Duke by Gwen Hayes book coverThe Duke of Fenwick is a reprobate.

Which is why it has always been up to Teddy Middleton, the second son, to run the estate and both their lives. But the Duke is full of surprises–the latest one a wedding. For Teddy. To the Duke’s best friend’s sister, Juliette.

Finding herself in church for her own surprise wedding is unnerving, to be sure. But avoiding scandal seems to be the most prudent thing to do, so Juliette said, “I do.” She’ll have to make the best of it and hopes Teddy won’t be harder to take care of than her previous household had been. She simply has no idea how she can manage two estates on her own.

After a disastrous wedding night, Teddy and Juliette don’t have very high hopes for a life of wedded bliss. As they forge ahead with resolute chagrin, it begins to dawn on them both that they are allies in the same war for sanity among their crazy relations. Mutual admiration turns to friendship which turns to…something neither one ever expected.
But the Duke has one more surprise for them both–one that will change everything.

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