New releases from Gwen Hayes

Well…kinda new releases anyway, lol.

One of my publishers closed last month, giving me rights back to a few of my books. I’ve updated them with shiny new covers and bonus content and put them back up.

But wait…there’s more

Kissing a Fool is FREE. That’s right. It costs no money.

I’d love to get more reviews on these, if you’re so inclined.

You guys are the best.

(side note: I’m hard at work on polishing a new Camp Firefly Falls book. It comes out in May!)


Born to protect women’s hearts, her own beats longingly for a mortal.


Ondina, one thousand years a goddess, doesn’t think much of mortal men. Probably because her sole purpose in life is to protect the hearts of women who don’t want to fall in love. And now one of those blasted men–Jack–has shattered her sacred chalice, trapping her in a mortal body.

Jackson Nichols, on the partner track at his law firm, is the first to admit he always follows his head. Never his heart. Dina is infuriating, messy, condescending, sexy, beautiful and…well, just about everything that doesn’t fit into his meticulously planned life.

Neither expects to find many redeeming qualities in the other. But when push comes to love, which will Dina choose? Her newly human heart…or one thousand years of duty?

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Kissing a Fool

Hollywood made him a star. She makes him want to be a better man.

Charlotte Jeeves, “Charlie” to anyone not pulling her over or collecting her taxes, is the only one in town who’s not excited about her new neighbor, TV actor Jeeves Allencaster. It’s not “cute” how they share a name, and so not charming that he steals her muffin before they’ve even met. The last thing she wants is some slick Hollywood type turning her safe, small-town haven into a circus.

If the locals have their way, though, she and Jeeves will be dating by…well, it depends on who you ask—and how much they’ve invested in the betting pool.

Jeeves hates Hollywood. Mostly he just hates the way it’s changed him. Silver Pines is the total opposite of LaLa Land—the perfect place to rediscover himself. His plan didn’t include hooking up with the bitter—yet undeniably lush—girl next door. She’s not his type, yet he can’t get her off his mind.

Trouble is, to thaw the ice around her heart, he’ll have to show her the real man behind the Hollywood charade. If he still exists…

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