#ListifyLife: Little Things that Make Me Happy

Week three of the #listifylife challenge brings us the little things!

  • First cup of coffee in the morning
  • When my husband has the same food craving as me at the same time (it happens a lot!)
  • When the dogs are cuddly
  • Thinking about a song and then hearing it
  • Movie quotes that totally fit the situation
  • Checking something off my to-do list
  • When the chickens run to me when I go outside
  • Finding a new-to-me author to book glom
  • Clean sheets
  • Jammies still warm from the dryer
  • Needing sunglasses and actually being able to find them
  • A clean desk

5946_10207145254126975_4146799596351558321_nWhat little things make your day?


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