Daily Question with Gwen Hayes

A new feature on the site is going to be our (yours and mine) Community Journal using a The Daily Question. A question of the day to spark your inspiration.

Keeping a journal is hard work, am I right? But a little introspection in important, especially in our current world of social media telling us how everyone else, thinks, feels, and looks. Which, I think, is also important. But sometimes it’s a good idea to gaze at your own navel for a minute or two. So what if we combine the two into our own little online diary?

Every day, I’ll post a question of the day. Take a minute to answer it. Honesty is appreciated, but this isn’t a private space, so keep that in mind when posting your reply. ┬áThis isn’t meant to be hard work or homework or anything. You can post your answer and leave if you like, treating it like a journal entry. Or you can hang around and discuss the topic with others as they answer. There isn’t a right or wrong way.

Cherry Cake Daily Question Nummy

The Daily Question with Gwen Hayes

Today’s Daily Question: What is your current jam for the way you feel about life right now? If you were being filmed in a movie as you drove down the coast, what song from the soundtrack would be playing?


If you’re thinking you’d rather write it down, feel free to use the Daily Question in your own journal or planner in addition to or instead of posting your answer here. No worries! I’m going to put mine in my Bullet Journal, too. I’m currently using the Arc Binder system and a gazillion gel pens for mine. Though I am coveting some washi tape.

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