Dear All Seven of you who Pre-ordered All I Need

I’m so sorry.

I have to postpone the release of All I Need. The current climate has taken it’s toll on a lot of artists and creatives, and apparently I am one of them.

I thought I was more of the pragmatic Butt In Chair and Write kids–but I just need more time to fill my well again.

I’ll keep you posted when I’m back up to me again. In the meantime–I’m working on being the person my dogs think I am.

Love you all and happy holidays!

Free Beat Templates

Free Stuff

Romancing the BeatPresents…I have them.  If you’ve read Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels and you wish you had a cheat sheet, then you have come to the right place. Take your pick…Scrivener or PDF or …both!

Are you a Scrivener writer? I love Scrivener for my early planning stages. The template is color coded and ready for you to download to your computer. Click on the link: Scrivener template.

Maybe you prefer an old school printable? When you sign up for my mailing list, you automatically get access to a free PDF template.

Win a Camp Firefly Falls T-shirt!

I’m so excited for this release! Book 2 of Camp Firefly Falls is out! His Counterfeit Campfire Bride is in the wild…and to share the joy–I’m giving away a cool kids shirt from camp. You know you want this…details for how to get your own shirt below. And don’t forget to pick up your copy of the book from your favorite retailer.

Camp Firefly Falls…pitching tents since 2016.

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His Counterfeit Campfire Bride

Forget Netflix and chill…campfire and thrill. The second book set in the Camp Firefly Falls world with stories so hot, you can roast marshmallows on your ereader.

Meet MiguelCFF-Cover-CampfireBride Castillo and Seraphina Worth. Two advertising office enemies sent to a corporate retreat at a sleepaway summer camp to work out their differences. With strict orders to come back with whatever trophies and ribbons are awarded for best team or come back unemployed, they are stunned to find out their boss sent them to the wrong camp session. Instead of corporate team building, they are signed up for Rediscover Your Marital Intimacy week.

She thinks he’s unpredictable, unreliable, and unstable. He thinks she’s stuffy, stilted, and square. They can barely work together and now they have to pretend to be married for a week at summer camp—sharing a cabin with one bed, doing tantric yoga, and thwarting the advances of a couple interested in a wife swap.

Trouble is, the one thing they both excel at is marketing. And the more they sell themselves as the perfect married couple, the harder it to remember it’s an ad campaign and not a love match.

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New editing service: Romancing the Beat Critique

After a lot of positive feedback, I’ve added a new service to my freelance editing business. In addition to developmental editing, I now offer an analysis of the romance beats only based on my writing craft book, Romancing the Beat.

Surprised Woman Reading

I will read your story and give you a detailed report highlighting where you hit the beats, where the beats are missing, and where the beats need a stronger hit.

Introductory prices:
Your manuscript length:

1-25,000 words–$50

Head over to my editing site for more information.

#ListifyLife: Little Things that Make Me Happy

Week three of the #listifylife challenge brings us the little things!

  • First cup of coffee in the morning
  • When my husband has the same food craving as me at the same time (it happens a lot!)
  • When the dogs are cuddly
  • Thinking about a song and then hearing it
  • Movie quotes that totally fit the situation
  • Checking something off my to-do list
  • When the chickens run to me when I go outside
  • Finding a new-to-me author to book glom
  • Clean sheets
  • Jammies still warm from the dryer
  • Needing sunglasses and actually being able to find them
  • A clean desk

5946_10207145254126975_4146799596351558321_nWhat little things make your day?


#ListifyLife: Books I Want to Live In

It’s the second week of the #ListifyLife Challenge.

This week: Books I want to live in

  • Born In Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I LOVE the Irish village, Kilmihil in County Clare. I want to see Maggie’s glass and eat Briana’s cooking while reading one of Grey’s thrillers in a cozy room at the inn. These are my favorite Nora books.
  • Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Avonlea might be a fictional community on Prince Edward Island–but after reading the books and watching the wonderful series from 1986, it feels real to me. I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
  • Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare. Ms. Dare never ceases to charm me. I love all her books, but if I had to live somewhere, it would be Spindle Cove (aka Spinster Cove) because…Bull and Blossom!

5946_10207145254126975_4146799596351558321_nWhere would you like to live?


#ListifyLife Spring for me is…

5946_10207145254126975_4146799596351558321_nMy friend Roni Loren organized a fun list challenge for the season. If you want to  play along, just use the hashtag #listifylife on whatever social media you use.

This week, the theme is

Spring for me is…

  • Shamrock Shakes
  • Jelly beans
  • the pop of yellow daffodils
  • the unexpected warmth of the sun on your face
  • the smell of freshly mowed grass
  • the crack of baseball bats at the park a block from my house
  • waking up with the sun

What is spring for you?


Healthy Dog Treats from Mr. Hayes

I’ve had lots of people ask for my husband’s puppy cookie recipe–especially now that so many dog snacks and foods get recalled as unsafe. He makes these for the pups once a week. I Love My Dog concept

Pumpkin Dog Snacks

2 Eggs
½ cup of pumpkin puree
2 TBL Powdered milk
2 TBL Peanut butter, fresh ground or homemade preferable
2 TBL Brewer’s Yeast
2 TBL Palm (coconut) sugar, more for the nutrients than for the sweetness
1 ½ cups Rice Flour
1 cup Oat flour
2 TBL coconut oil, melted

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Whisk the eggs lightly then whisk in the pumpkin, powdered milk, peanut butter, brewer’s yeast, and palm sugar. Then stir in, I like to use gloved hands for this, the rice flour, oat flour, and coconut oil. It should come together to form a nice workable dough, like… play dough. You may need to add a touch more rice flour if it’s too sticky. On a lightly floured (rice flour) surface knead the dough 5 to 10 times. Now roll the dough to a thickness of about a ¼ inch and cut into shapes, place them on a sheet pan and dock with a fork. Bake the cookies in a 350 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Half way through the cooking pull the cookies out and turn each cookie over so they will brown evenly.

Depending on how thick I roll the dough I can usually get between 55 and 65 two inch cookies.
Note: The flour combination can be switched up. I have used buckwheat, millet, and almond flours. Just so long as you can get a workable dough.


*Yes, he really does use homemade peanut butter.

Daily Question 2

Cherry Cake Daily Question Nummy

The Daily Question with Gwen Hayes

Daily Question: If Netflix only carried three television series (past or present) what would you hope they would be?

A new feature on the site is going to be our (yours and mine) Community Journal using a The Daily Question. A question of the day to spark your inspiration.Every day, I’ll post a question of the day. Take a minute to answer it. Honesty is appreciated, but this isn’t a private space, so keep that in mind when posting your reply.  This isn’t meant to be hard work or homework or anything. You can post your answer and leave if you like, treating it like a journal entry. Or you can hang around and discuss the topic with others as they answer. There isn’t a right or wrong way.