All I Need

Coming January 2017

All I Need (2)Stella Franklin isn’t the same awkward, nerdy girl she’d been in high school, but try telling that to her family. Her sister won’t stop bugging her about bringing a date to her upcoming posh wedding, so Stella makes up a teensy weensy white-lie to get Bridezilla off her back–a boyfriend named Garrett Banning D.V.M–a man she saw on a website.

Too bad her imaginary beau shows up in Silver Pines, in the flesh and smoking hot beneath his smoldering horn-rimmed glasses and honest-to-God pocket protector, before she’s able to “break up” up with him, .

Now he’s her temporary boss, her fake boyfriend (though he doesn’t know it), and the very real object of her forbidden fantasies. Something about the way her very own Clark Kent comes off so mild-mannered and unassuming makes her want rip off his glasses, rile him up, and make him lose control.

But her reluctant suitor might not be as unassuming as she thinks–and when he catches her in her lies, revenge of the nerd has never been so sexy.

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